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Sunday, July 28, 2013

celebrating lives greatly full :: liz arocena

My first encounter with Liz was a virtual one; I "met" her through her photography on Flickr.  I became a fan of her street photography, which is based in one of the most fascinating (to me!) cities: NYC. We exchanged comments on each others photos quite frequently and I rallied up my courage to reach out and suggest a photo walk the next time I would be in NYC.  She was game!  So, in 2011, we met in person.  I loved that day!  She showed me parts of her world in Queens, NY and I was thrilled.  We have kept in touch since then and I continue to be a fan of her work.  I certainly predict a book or two in her future!  She's that good.

I am so grateful that Liz accepted the invitation to contribute a photo essay to *the gratitude project: dare to be grateful*.  Here's hoping you will enjoy a glimpse into her world as much as I do.  Thanks Liz... PLAY BALL!

When my friend Jo-Anne asked me to contribute to her "Gratitude" blog I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.  First a quick back story, I fell in love with photography in particular street photography about the same time my son started playing little league baseball at the age of 6, he is now 11.  I learned the rules for both contemporaneously.  It seemed a natural progression to start photographing little league baseball in the same manner I approached my street shooting, that is by looking for that precise moment to help tell a story.

When my son started summer travel ball with this team and coaches in 2011, I shot through the links of the chain link fence and shared the photos with all the parents and coaches.  The following year, I was allowed dugout access.

I get to be in the thick of things with the team and I get to see all these little moments that are often missed and would otherwise only exist in the kids and coaches memories and I get to document them. 

The shots I'm sharing with you are untitled, just everyday moments of summer travel/tournament ball with the same team for three years now, though many of the players learned to play ball in the same Forest Hills league from age six and have known each other more than half their lives already.  I imagine they will be friends for years to come no matter where they end up.  They have been together so long that they can predict each others moves, they give each other hell as only good friends can, they pick each other up when the other is down and they play hard.  It is a beautiful thing to see as a mother and a photographer.  I think I'm pretty lucky to be able to do this and for that I'm grateful.
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  1. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.