"For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes." - Dag Hammarskjold

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

when gratitude doesn't come...

This was the scene for my run on Friday.  I was not grateful for the newly fallen snow. Not one bit.  It took every bit of will power I had to go out running in this (and a commitment to run with a friend!).  And with every step forward, it seems I slipped two steps back. It was a messy, slow slog of a run.

I am done with winter... Done. And yet, it persists.  Another 15cm - 20cm of the white stuff is falling down on us.  Today and apparently tomorrow too. Did I mention that I. am. done?!?

So, what does one do when there is a clear lack of gratitude towards something that is entirely non-controllable?  No. Seriously. What does one do?!  As someone who is striving to live life fully grounded in gratitude, I am truly humbled by my inability to live that way when faced with such a trivial circumstance. 

Sometimes, it seems easier to view a situation through the lens of gratitude when it's the BIG stuff of life.  Like yesterday for example.  We learned that Hubby's aunt passed away.  She was the eldest of the remaining sisters (fondly known as "the Council" :-)) and had recently celebrated her 94th birthday.  Her death came fairly quickly, and it is not particularly surprising for someone who has lived such a full, long life.  Upon hearing the news, I thought to myself: Well, I'm grateful she went quickly.  I'm grateful the family was able to celebrate her birthday with her last month.  I'm grateful she was able to see the scrapbook that the nieces & nephews put together.  I'm grateful... 

When faced with death, gratitude came easily.  When faced with snow, it was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps this is because we need to make sense of the big stuff, like death.  And love. 

And gratitude makes sense.

So, tell me... what do YOU do when gratitude seems to be nowhere to be found?

gratefully yours,

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