"For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes." - Dag Hammarskjold

Sunday, August 4, 2013

celebrating lives greatly full :: angela smith

Some people become old friends instantly. 

That is what happened when I first met Angela.  We met at a women's creative retreat in Oregon in June.  I had integrated this retreat to my West Coast Adventure and she, well, she is a storyteller and was looking to explore that more deeply. 

I was drawn to her beauty, her grace, her smile and to her love for Jason Mraz. (Seriously. How could we not be friends?! :-)) I am now confident that I have a new soul-friend for life.  And for that, I am seriously grateful.
If you looking for a way to bring the story of your company/business to life, you may not need to look any further than Angela Smith. She is based in Portland, Maine. 
Thanks for being a part of *the gratitude project: dare to be grateful* Angela! Quite happy to be stuck with you.  :-)
My Nana used to carry positive quotes in her wallet. She used to love pulling them out and sharing them. Of course, for every quote she had tucked away, she could rattle off a hundred. Her favorite: “Do your best and angels can do no more.”

I loved her sayings because they affirmed my optimism. I am grateful for a myriad of things in life – too many to capture in a post or even in a lifetime – but perhaps as I sit down in reflection today, I am most grateful that I am an ETERNAL OPTIMIST.

Being an optimist has shaped my life. It has allowed me to always find a silver lining, dance in the darkness, celebrate the light, seek beauty in pain, hold steadfastly to joy, know good always triumphs, and feast on this crazy, wonderful, hard, awesome, scary, funny, bittersweet life.

Underpinning my optimism is unwavering FAITH, the thread that runs through me of which I never let go – faith in God, people, and myself.

My 8-year-old son Lincoln recently received his First Holy Communion. I so wanted to fast forward his life for just seconds to give him a glimpse of how important and powerful faith will be throughout his life. But I know it is a gift that grows over time. My faith in God grounds me, and I am forever grateful.

And, people…I am simply in awe. Dr. Seuss certainly got it right when he said, “Oh, the people you’ll meet.” From my family and friends to strangers and earth angels to artists and survivors, I am so thankful for the amazing people who walk this earth and who love, support, and inspire me. I adore people, and my gratitude exceeds words.

Then, it comes to believing in me. This isn’t always easy, but I know at my core I am strong. And, I know if I do my best, angels can do no more. Thanks, Nana.

I invite you to join me. Look on the bright side. Have faith. Believe. HOPE. Be positive. Live with gratitude. Choose OPTIMISM.


  1. Hi, Found your blog by accident, I think I was on Jason's site and it lead me here. I have to laugh, I have my own blog - scraps and masterpieces that is for my craft and sewing addiction and I sign off every blog with ''live high'' as a reminder to everyone to live high, live mighty! I will be back. Now can you just get Jason back to Toronto for me???

    1. Hi Heather - oh, how I wish Jason's site had lead you here. That would mean there is a connection! :-) No matter, I'm glad you found your way. And yes, I would LOVE to get Jason back in these parts. Good news is that he is currently in studio recording another album... and a tour is sure to follow!

      Keep living high & mighty... :-)

  2. two months out and this girls voice still radiates through as i read her words.
    i think of seeing her get up to dance durning our class in manzanita and another
    short hair pixie joining her. it was a moment that i needed and i know another who
    needed it more. seeing others join in the dance. watching the smiles through our
    time together and the joy on faces as the discovered their own gifts through others
    gentle nudges.

    your optimism radiates to others. as does your faith and kindness.

    and of course this mama left that time together feeling so much better about a boys path
    carrying a new found confidence. gratitude.

    one day. we will be sitting together. again. (YAY((