"For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes." - Dag Hammarskjold

Friday, August 16, 2013

sally, holly & lisa...

One of the shortest stops on my West Coast Adventure was my one full day in Seattle, WA.  Short.  And oh so sweet. 

One of the highlights of my visit to Seattle was an impromptu meeting & conversation with three lovely women at Pike Place Market.  Holly, Lisa & Sally were having a bite to eat near the edge of the market and I happened to stop to catch my breath beside them.  A conversation ensued and, as things often did during this trip, the talk turned to gratitude. I invited them to share their story of gratitude for the blog, and they quickly agreed!  
Holly, Lisa, Sally

Sally (from Pheonix, AZ - in town to visit her twin sister, Holly):  grateful for the ability to be grateful again... the freedom to be grateful...  freedom from criticism and constant blows to her self-worth.  (She quickly teared up, hinting at a deep and  painful story.  I loved her in that moment, for being so honest and trusting.)

Holly (from nearby Vashon Is.):  grateful for her sisters.  Others were supposed to be visiting them as well, but one of them was quite ill and without a diagnosis.  She is grateful for the ability to have such love and caring for her sisters - something that allows her to feel so sad amidst that love.

Lisa (Holly's daughter): grateful for being at a stage in her life where she can take more control over how she spends her time, and be more intentional in choosing who she spends it with.  She is an artist and is grateful for this period of creative expansion and expression, and she is excited to see where it will lead.

Later, after I took my leave of them, I was sitting on an overturned plastic bin eating my hummus and pita from Mr. D's Greek Delicacies and I heard a cheerful: "Hi Jo-Anne!!"  It was Sally, and Holly, and Lisa passing by. 

And in that moment, I no longer felt so far from home.

gratefully yours,

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