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Sunday, June 30, 2013

celebrating lives greatly full :: donna davis

I first met Donna Davis when I signed up for a running clinic at the Elation Centre in Westboro (Ottawa) a few years ago.  Little did I know that my connection with the Centre would lead to my first introduction to a vegan lifestyle, one that continues to influence my food choices today. 

Donna is truly a community leader in promoting and facilitating a healthy and active lifestyle.  The Elation Centre's focus on yoga, running and nutrition speak to a holistic approach to personal wellness.   

Donna - you've always been a great cheerleader for me as I strive to make healthy choices for myself.  And I love what you have submitted to the project - what a celebration! Thank you...

I want to thank you Jo-Anne for asking me to take part in the Gratitude Project. The daily dedication to gratitude plays a huge part in my life, each morning as I wake up I remind myself to be grateful for the day head, as one of my esteemed yoga teachers Beryl Bender-Birch reminds us “wake put your feet on the ground and be grateful you can make a difference in the world.” Because of Beryl’s teaching I wake up each morning and the first thought for me is Thank You – for the day ahead, for my health, for my early morning yoga classes, for my home, my family, the list is endless.

The other yoga teacher in my life who has made the most impact is Yogi Vishvketu, who I am honoured to have taken my 200hour teacher training with, he continually reminded us each day  - just smile. Such a simple practice that truly changes your life.

I want to share with you a piece I wrote after returning from the Lululemon Ambassador Summit in April, which I attended with 100 other Ambassadors from across the world. We all decided to submit a story for a fundraising book we are creating – the title for each of our submissions is How I Elevate the World From Mediocrity to Greatness, I believe it fits beautifully with the Gratitude Project – I am grateful for the gifts I have been divinely blessed with and grateful for my ability to share them each day.

How I Elevate The World From Mediocrity To Greatness

I have to admit this has been a challenging project for me; questions keep popping into my head –
Who me elevate the world, Really??
I just teach Yoga
I just help women eat a cleaner diet
I just lead run classes
Then I decided to give myself a shake, breathe deeply and I looked through some ‘thank you’ emails from students; I realized of course I teach yoga, teach people about new food choices to improve their health, get people off the couch and moving. Ah, but there is so much more to it – I do all of this with LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE AND JOY.
To each class and workshop I bring passion and enthusiasm, and when I bring these qualities to my ‘work’ (which is really my play), passion and enthusiasm are infused into all areas of my life.

Being an upbeat, positive, joyful person becomes my default setting and you know what?? This raises the energy of everyone around me people want a bit of what I’ve got, they want a bit of the magic, the happiness, the enthusiasm.

Then just like magic a whole room of people are smiling and radiating; they take that to their workplace, they take it home, they internalize this uplifting energy. And Voila – whole groups of people are Elevated, Mediocrity is no more, and we all feel Great!

How do I elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness?

I Smile, I Care, I Love.

Simple steps that we call all take each and every day.


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