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Monday, June 17, 2013

the west coast adventure begins...

It all begins here. In Toronto. The area surrounding Union Station is a mess due to construction. But that doesn't stop the throngs of tweens and moms and cowboy boots from making their way to the Air Canada Centre, drawn by the promise of Taylor Swift brilliance.

Inside Union Station - quiet anticipation. Transition. From the here and now of Taylor Swift, to the possibility of the then and there of anywhere.

I am directed to VIA Rail's Panorama Lounge where I'm asked to register. A guy named Mickey signs me in.

Mickey: You have been assigned Sleeper F - who are you travelling with?
Me: Just me.
Mickey: Niiiice! You have the extra space that everyone is always wanting!
Me: So it's a good room?
Mickey: Oh yeah.

After registering for my meal seating for the following day, it's time to wait for the 9:30pm boarding to begin. I am thrilled that Hubby and Mum-in-Law are waiting with me, helping to pass the time.

Then, it's time to go!

I easily make my way to Car 121 and am accompanied to Sleeper F. Mickey wasn't kidding! The bed is already made up (complete with chocolate on the pillow that I won't eat but appreciate anyway) and there is tons of room for my bags. I have my own little vanity area as well as private toilet.

The train pulls out of Union Station at 10:00pm sharp! I'm pretty tired by this time, so I just make a quick trip to the observation car, where champagne and sweets are being served, then I make my way back to my room. It doesn't take me long to fall asleep, rocked by the movement on the rails.

gratefully yours,

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