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Monday, December 23, 2013

the gratitude project assignment :: hannah...

Our ongoing series of essays from Grade 8 students from Broadview Public School here in Ottawa.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Viner and Ms. Krochmalnek's classes just before our Canadian Thanksgiving, to talk to them about *the gratitude project: dare to be grateful*. (Read more about that here.) Students were then given an assignment to interview a friend or family member about what they were grateful for, and to submit a short essay based on that interview.   You will want to read these.  Seriously. These kids rock.

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Here's what Hannah discovered during her assignment...

The person I chose to interview was a person named Emma. Emma is 15 years old and a student at Canterbury high school. The reason why I chose to interview her is because I look up to and admire her.

The question I chose to ask Emma was what life experience are you most grateful for? This question could have so many possible answers so I was curious to see how she would respond to the question.
The one life experience Emma is grateful for is outdoor ed. The reason why she is grateful for this is because she met a lot of new people and experienced new activities with that group of people. Emma also said that outdoor ed was a great way to meet new people that are going to be into the same things as you because outdoor ed has specific activities.

She also is grateful for the program because it was a change from school. Sometimes it is nice to just drop everything and go to a new surrounding. She was in the Gatineau’s so it was a totally new environment to learn new things in.

Many activities that she did were mountain biking, camping outside and canoeing. These were activities that she was grateful for. Some of these activities she had either not done before or she didn’t do the activity very often. She said that by doing the outdoor ed program she learnt a lot about the activity, actually did the activity and had fun while doing all of this.

I think that by asking Emma this question, I learnt new things about Emma and the things that she is grateful for. I learned that Emma is open to trying new things and she like to engage with new people. I think I would have chosen a different life experience to be grateful for but that is her opinion and that is what she is grateful for. Based on this interview I think that I would like to do the outdoor ed program because she has had a good experience and I might too.

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