"For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes." - Dag Hammarskjold

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

i couldn't have done it without you...

Planning - and following through with - *the gratitude project: dare to be grateful* may very well be one of the bravest things I've ever done.  And by far, the best part of the entire experiment was connecting with others and allowing them to be a part of this.  At times, the asking came easily; other times, not so much.  But every time, the asking led to being on the receiving end of incredible generosity.  Every. Single. Time.

You were so giving of your time,
     your expertise,
          your support,
               your presence,
                    your confidence,
                         your enthusiasm,
                              your gratitude.

At the risk of forgetting someone, I want to express my deep gratitude...
  • to Sean & Stephanie - my creative advisors, for that first conversation at Bridgehead Coffeehouse and for your ongoing support
  • to Giacomo - for sharing your experience in gathering stories and for suggesting "the gratitude project" as a possible name for my experiment
  • to GGT Mike - for sharing your experience in engaging others in a cause and for your unfailing support of the project (and of me personally!)
  • to Cheryl - for your graphic design help, allowing me to go from a concept in my head to a logo on a t-shirt, business cards and postcards!
  • to Suzy - for introducing me to the mysterious world of Twitter and helping me set up a presence in the Twitter-sphere
  • to Stuart and Chrisann - for being there, and for helping me reach out to others in our community engagement events
  • to those of you who, early on, bought our limited edition t-shirts - for supporting the project and for continuing to ignite gratitude with the simple question: what are you grateful for?
  • to Paulette - for allowing me to have a space at Hintonburg ArtsPark (our first community event)
  • to Alisa - for inviting me into your school and sharing your students' essays with us
  • to Kathleen - for giving *the gratitude project* visibility in our community via your article in the Kitchissippi Times
  • to Stephanie (OAG) - for letting me come to your gratitude party
  • to the travellers - for sharing your stories of gratitude as we sped across this beautiful country by train on VIA Rail's The Canadian
  • to my 39 grateful guest bloggers - for your honesty and willingness to share your gratitude
  • to the unknowns who sent in a postcard - for your leap of faith and willingness to be a part of something bigger than you
  • to the hundreds who followed along/contributed on Facebook and/or Twitter - you will never know the thrill I felt when I started seeing names of people I didn't know joining on board!
  • to Jason Mraz, Patience Salgado and Brene Brown - for the original inspiration
  • to Brian - for loving & accepting me as I am and supporting my seemingly outrageous ideas. Always.
Seriously, I couldn't have done this without you - inspirers and cheerleaders, contributors and readers.  Thank you seems wholly inadequate, but it's all I've got. That, and memories of an unforgettable year soaked in gratitude! 

Here's wishing you all continued blessings, joy and daring on your gratitude journey...

gratefully yours,

p.s.  ... and that's a wrap, m'friends! :-)


  1. After reading this I am crying. Crying because I am sad to see the project end, and crying because I am so grateful for this project, and for you. I am absolutely blessed to have you in my life - you are a beacon of light, and love, and comfort for me.

    When I went to Ireland with your postcards, I was so afraid of leaving them for others to find. I was afraid of getting into trouble, of someone 'catching me', and I was afraid no one would fill them out and return them. But I remembered that this is not about me, that I am only the messenger - and I left that first postcard at the post office. Once I had the courage to leave the first one, the rest were easier. And then, upon my return, I was elated to find out that people actually took the time to fill them out and return them!!! People WANT to share what they are grateful for! And even those who were not very nice to us (the waitress in Dingle) still filled out the postcard and shared what they were grateful for!

    When we were on Sparks Street, and people were eagerly writing down what they were grateful for and sharing it with us - I thought my heart would burst!

    I loved this project! And for the reminder to be grateful.

    Thank you so much, jag!

    1. Thank YOU Chrisann! You've been such a big supporter and I'm so glad you were able to experience growth through Gratitude... I know I certainly did! Now, let's see what else we can stir up in 2014. :-)