"For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes." - Dag Hammarskjold

Sunday, October 13, 2013

celebrating lives greatly full :: anonymous...

Today, in honour of our Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations, I share with you a selection of the expressions of gratitude I have been receiving by postcard!

from St. Louis, MO
I started the postcard project in June, as I headed out on my West Coast Adventure.  Since then, blank, stamped postcards have been dropped off in cities all across the country, here in my own city, as well as in cities visited by friends.  They have been left for people to find from British Columbia to Newfoundland, in several states throughout the USA, in Ireland, Germany and England.  This was truly an exercise in letting go, since there is no way of knowing what happens to the postcard after it is "dropped".  Needless to say, whenever a card actually makes its way back to me, I am thrilled!!

So here, as we mark our blessings on a national scale, I am happy to celebrate the greatly full lives of the anonymous individuals who took the time to share.

Today, I dare to be grateful for...
  • ...my wonderful brother Brad, who is the best person I know - and today is his birthday!! I'm very grateful for the beautiful person he is and for all the joy he brings to the world!  (Winnipeg, MB)
  • ...my health, my wonderful husband & my family, especially that my father is still alive. Also, the 2 very close friends that I have. (Edmonton, AB)
  • ...early retirement, friends I love & can visit, health, feeling better every day after the BC Bike race.  (Vancouver, BC)
  • ...our health, our 39 years of marriage, the good team we are, the great kids we have, this fantastic travel we are able to make, God's wonderfull nature and all that is living in it. (from Holland - We found this card in Jasper outside at the info centre.)
from Vancouver, BC
Today, I dare to be grateful for...
  • ...Last night, we had friends over for dinner and Conny asked me if I woke up each morning happy. When I said yes, she asked me why. I didn't know where to begin. So I started, "Because of life. Because of my husband. Because I'm here on Salt Spring..." and I let it trail off because I knew the list was endless and would consume the rest of the evening. I lead a very fortunate life and am grateful for everything in it. (Salt Spring Island, BC)
  • ...having my 85 & 83 year old parents live with me. Such a blessing to have them in my life! (Winnipeg, MB)
  • ...Life! I've been alive. I've been ill. I've been hurt. I've been dead. Many times over - I prefer Life!  Joie de vivre!  (Portland, OR)
  • ...texts from my niece, the ability to buy a large cup of coffee before work, emails from friends, e-courses that are so lovely and affordable, a coolness in the morning air, Pandora and classical music, you and this project!! (Portland, OR)
  • ...the wonderful gift of Gratitude! (Winnipeg, MB)
  • ...a fiancĂ© gracious enough to hold on to me after I postponed our wedding.  He's been patient & understanding and willing to talk through issues and fears. I thank God for him every day.  Philippians 1:3-4 NIV. You are my warrior, love.  xox (Winnipeg, MB)

from Columbus, OH
 Today, I dare to be grateful for...
  • ...being healthy and able to take part of different challenges in life (Spartan races, Tough Mudder, Drop Zone challenge).
  • ...another wonderful day in Vancouver before we have to finish our Canada trip and fly back to Germany... (from Germany)
  • ...My friend Alli got her melanoma diagnosis 3 years ago today. Today, I am grateful she is healthy and happy, bravely keeping the black beast at bay. (Madison, WI)
  • ...that you were so nice & left me a tip even though I was a moody <insert curse word>.  I'm grateful for mates. (Dingle, Ireland)
  • ...feeling cherished by my family and close friends. (Ireland)

Today, I dare to be grateful for...
  • ...having three beautiful, healthy children and the sweetest little granddaughter ever. (Atlanta, GA)
  • ...I am so grateful for God's unending Love for me. He's embraced me throughout my life and I feel his presence & protection surrounding me.  Without Him, I would be nothing. Everyday is a learning lesson; I'm striving to be more like Him & less like me. Thank you for the opportunity! (USA)
  • ...my life, dreams, healthy, family, friends, job, your tip, your love for someone else, god, my faith. Thank you! (Dublin, Ireland)
  • ...my husband's company re-organized and we thought he would be out of a job - instead... he got a promotion!!  (Madison, WI)

from Madison, WI
Keep 'em coming!!

gratefully yours,

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  1. I am so grateful to be a part of this, even in some small way! What a gift of gratefulness this has been! I love hearing what people are grateful for, and that everyone is so open and honest about it. AWESOMENESS! <3