"For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes." - Dag Hammarskjold

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

all roads lead to jason mraz

OK, so maybe not ALL roads, but Jason Mraz has certainly been a big part of my gratitude journey!   Those of you who know me may be aware of my... um... affection for Mr. Mraz.  I don't listen to music all that much, but I will listen to every. single. word. that Jason Mraz may be inspired to write/sing.  His lyrics and his music feed my soul and to see him in concert is an experience that will never grow old.  NEVAH!  So much of what I love about Jason has to do with his attitude.  His attitude of gratitude.

Take the name of his 2009 tour, for example.  This is my friend Danielle wearing the t-shirt from that year's tour:  The Gratitude Café Tour.  (We had the pleasure of seeing him in Toronto that year.)  Although I was aware of the power of gratitude in my life, it was this pure celebration of gratitude that stayed with me.  Maybe this was something that was not meant to stay between me and my God, but rather, something that was meant to be shared... sung... yes, celebrated!

THEN, in 2011, Jason Mraz partnered up with Energy Muse and co-designed the Gratitude Bracelet

"This Energy Muse piece was designed to help you align with the practice of Gratitude. Gratitude shifts our attention back to love, abundance, and the divine qualities we all have within us. As we express our gratitude awareness grows. Gratitude is what takes you to the next level. This bracelet, co-created by Jason Mraz, was inspired by Café Gratitude, a school of transformation guised as a raw food restaurant." Energy Muse Web Site

So, hubby had it easy in the buying-birthday-gift department that year...

Me:  Hon, I'm gonna send you a link, OK?
He:  OK, why?
Me: Well, just in case you hadn't decided on what to buy me for my birthday...
He:  Yes...?
Me:  Well, just get me this.

And he did.  Good, good hubby.  :-)

And so now, every day, I wear this visible reminder of my gratitude.
And of Jason Mraz.
Oh, and of my loving & smart hubby, of course.

What about you?  How do you keep your gratitude within reach?

gratefully yours,


  1. WOW! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way. I am the grateful person I am today because of Jason Mraz. He has thought me to be myself, love myself & be grateful for who I am. Unlike yourself, I didn't have a good husband & when I fell in love with the Gratitude bracelet he said it was something he could get for $3.00 at a Flea Market & I actually sold some of my old jewelry & bought the bracelet. Since then I divorced my Husband & sadly lost everything I owned in the process including my gratitude bracelet. I am slowly rebuilding a new life for myself & hopefully soon I will replace my bracelet because through it all I STILL remained grateful for everything Jason has thought me & since the day my ex & I split up I will always remain, like my name on facebook, Grateful Maureen.

  2. Hi Maureen - I suspect there are many, many more like us!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story... I fully believe that the gratitude bracelet will grace your wrist once again! Blessings...

  3. I was given an Energy Muse bracelet as a gift from someone very special and very dear to my heart. Mine is a little different, it's a 'self-love wrap', and when I activate it by holding the stones in both hands, breathing in the highest white light, I visualize my intention for the jewelry. I have visualized a few different energies for this bracelet since I received it in December, but after the last time I re-energized it, it has sat on my dresser, waiting for me to re-activate it with a new energy. I am so afraid to wish and hope for something, because I may just get it!!! LOL! And I may not like the WAY I get what I wish for....so sometimes I don't wish for anything. Hence, the bracelet sitting untouched on my dresser. But after reading this, and Maureen's comments, I know what the intention is for my bracelet today - GRATITUDE!!! Especially after the sad, blue, melancholy day I had yesterday, when I could not think of anything to be grateful for (except a patient sponsor!). Tonight, I shall infuse my bracelet with the energy of GRATITUDE! Thank you Jason, Maureen, and especially Jo-Anne!!! xoxo

  4. This makes me so happy, Chrisann... xox

  5. I have searched for the perfect thing to remind me of the foundation I want to build my life on - Gratitude. Might it be a ring, a bracelet, a rock, a tattoo...but I have not yet found the “perfect thing”. I once had a bracelet that I bought for myself at a time of crisis when there, for one of those strange unknown reasons, had been a connection between myself and the jewellery maker. To me, it was a symbol of gratitude for where I was and that I was going to be ok. I lost that bracelet one day about a year later and was devastated...I then went searching for the jewellery maker to replace it and told him my story to which he suggested I lost it because I no longer needed what it provided me. Of course I still bought not one but two bracelets (just in case!). Interestingly, now, those 2 bracelets sit in my jewellery box and I am no longer compelled to wear them at all times but I am always reminded of the story of how they came to be. For me, right now, I keep my gratitude in reach by filling my life, my time, my mind with things and people that I am grateful for and maybe someday I’ll find that next “perfect” thing to represent my immense gratitude...!

  6. Love that story, Penny! What a wise jewellery maker... xox